Ambassador Animals

Most of our animals have been born and raised in captivity. The few that haven't have been orphaned or injured and brought to us to be cared for.

Due to being reared in captivity, they are familiar and comfortable with people and are cared for by highly trained keepers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and love of the animals in a safe and educational environment.

Our animals represent their wild relatives. As educational ambassadors, they engage people and raise the profile of their in situ relatives.

When people connect with an animal, they develop a deeper understanding and respect of the species; this can make a big impact on a person, allowing them to gain appreciation and become educated.

Australia is facing an extinction crisis - we need educating!

We are proud to connect you with Australian wildlife, to raise awareness of the plight of many Australian species, as we collectively work together to help fight extinction. 

Our animals have the proud role of ambassadors for conservation on behalf of their wild relatives.


Image of Spotted Tailed Quoll kindly taken by Alex Cearns @ Houndstooth Studio