Meet the Koalas & Koala Holding

MEET THE KOALAS - 11.30am and 3.30pm DAILY

You are welcome to have photos taken with a koala, who is situated in a waist or shoulder height tree, or sometimes even in a keeper’s arms.

Stand with the koala for photos – take as many photos as you like, with your own camera – no charge. We are available to take family photos for you! 

This koala experience is included in your entry fee!    

(Keep reading for Koala Holding information)

The koalas can be viewed at any time, so be sure to visit the Koala area outside of session times too.

Koala Cooks



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KOALA HOLDING (places are limited)

If you would like to hold a koala, tickets are $35 per person.

Tickets can be purchased at the souvenir shop, where you will be allocated a timeslot; usually at 12.00pm and 3.00pm daily (times are subject to change). 

Koala holds cannot be purchased or booked in advance. Places are strictly limited, so we encourage you to purchase your ticket promptly on arrival - the earlier in the day, the better. 

Tickets for both sessions are available to purchase from 9am, are sold first-come-first-served, and both sessions regularly sell out before midday. Get in early to avoid disappointment. 

Please Note - during summer, holds may be facilitated at 10.30am (instead of 12pm and 3pm) based upon the forecasted temperature and humidity. This decision will be made each morning. Feel free to call us on 9248 1984 to check the session time for the day. 


Koala Hold Health & Safety Conditions 

We adhere to strict animal welfare guidelines and legislation. The health and well-being of our koalas is our utmost priority.
To ensure the health and happiness of the koalas, the following restrictions apply:
  • Places are limited. This ensures we can adhere to our strict koala-handling roster, which is monitored closely and recorded, to ensure no koala is over-worked. 
  • Holds are offered subject to weather conditions, and may not be offered in hot weather. 
  • Only koalas identified as having a suitable temperament are handled. 
We also take human safety very seriously, which is why the following restrictions apply:
  • Visitors wishing to hold must be a minimum of 150cm tall.
  • Visitors wishing to hold must be able to stand unassisted, have full use of their arms and the ability to hold a minimum of 5kg unaided.
  • Whilst our koalas are very used to interacting with people, we do not guarantee that bites or scratches wont occur.
  • We provide a vest to be worn to protect the visitors clothing.
To ensure we can keep our koalas, visitors and keepers safe, holds are facilitated at the discretion of a trained and experienced Koala Keeper who reserves the right to deny a hold. If for any reason, the Koala Keeper believes a hold should not be facilitated, their judgment is final.
We are available to assist with capturing your photos during your hold. You are welcome to have a member of your party take your photos instead; however we take no responsibility for the quality of photos not taken by our crew. Holds will not be repeated in the event of you being unhappy with your photos, so please ensure they are taken carefully by your family/friends. 

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